Mind the Gut catalogue (EN) + Metabolic Machines catalogue (EN)

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About Metabolic Mashines

The prominent Austrian bioartist Thomas Feuerstein works with the complicated transformations of matter that all living things are involved: Some of his sculptures contain living algae which is turned into alcohol and paint; others hold bacteria which turn paper into sugar that then feeds living brain cells in a bioreactor.

In 2018, Thomas Feuerstein exhibited his living sculptures at Medical Museion. This catalogue is a collection of essays about his works and his artistic practice. The essays examine these messy and rich works, unfolding them through philosophical speculation and historical context.
The texts are complemented by stunning photographs of Feuerstein’s artworks

62 pages

About Mind the Gut

Our brain and bowels are under examination in exhibition Mind the Gut at Medical Museion. In newly restored basement rooms, the exhibition focuses on the complex relationship between mind and gut through a thought-provoking blend of science, art and history

Brain, gut feelings, identity, bowels, bacteria, microbiomes. All these things are brought together in the new exhibition Mind the Gut

The exhibition shows how doctors, scientists, patients and artists have tried to study and treat the complex relationship between mind and gut. It is a puzzle that has occupied us for millennia, and which is increasingly a focus of contemporary science, fashionable lifestyle trends, and vigorous societal debates about the nature of health and treatment.

This catalogue brings together a series of new texts researchers, medical doctors and museum staff who have contributed to the exhibition.

148 pages.

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