Det indsamlede menneske / The Body Collected (English catalogue)




Large collections of skeletons, foetuses, organs, tissue and blood samples are hidden away in universities, museums and research institutes. Without this material, we would not have the extensive knowledge of the body and its diseases we possess today.

The exhibition The Body Collected at Medical Museion is dedicated to the collection, conservation and research of the human body, from the pathological body parts of the 19th century to the small specimens of tissue and blood in biobank freezers today.

Exhibited human specimens arouse our curiosity and raise existential issues. Seeing foetuses floating in jars of fluid, a human head with its blood vessels exposed or blood from a biobank are powerful reminders of the basic human condition – that we are bodies of flesh and blood.

This catalogue brings together a series of new texts researchers, medical doctors and museum staff who have contributed to the exhibition. The human specimens are photographed by the Danish artist Nicolai Howalt.

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